10 practical color tips for psychology in your home

10 practical color tips for psychology in your home

When painting your home, what are you most likely to do with specific criteria – choose objects and colors that just look attractive or use a template that sets your decisions. Be that as it may, color is a very powerful tool that, if used properly, can evoke feelings, create illusions of space or simply change your mood and the atmosphere of a room.

Especially when used for interior decoration and exterior painting, color psychology is a great way to create a healthy and beautiful home.

Here are 10 practical tips on how you can use this practice in your home

Create the illusion of more space with bright colors

If you want your home to look bigger than it really is, you can use bright and vibrant colors like yellow in its exterior. As a warning, avoid the common color white. Although it can add space, it does not even come close to the effectiveness of other colors.

Paint your kitchen red

Red has also been shown to increase appetite in most people. This is one of the reasons why restaurants choose red wallpapers. Using red in your kitchen to increase your appetite is as simple as mixing beige walls with red shutters or cabinets.

Combine interior and exterior painting naturally

one of the best ways to impress your guests when they enter your home is to mix exterior and interior colors at the entrance to your home. You can also use the exterior paint on parts of the interior to achieve the same overall effect.

Give warmth to your home with deep tones during the winter

Using red, orange and yellow in the interior paint of your home, they can make it look warm inside, especially in winter, in New Jersey.

Keep your home cool in summer with cool colors

With the same rule as warm colors for winter, cold colors, especially blue, can make your home have a freshness, coolness and purity in summer. White interior paint with sea is a popular choice for summer homes.

Use painting colors from your past

Many decorators say that the use of familiar colors – especially in the kitchen – that bring back memories of your childhood can bring them back to a pleasant atmosphere. If you do not remember any color from your kitchen while growing up, just remember that reds and yellows are ideal for kitchens.

Use relaxing colors in relaxation rooms

In the bedroom and bathroom, cold colors can create an atmosphere of relaxation. Consider shades of blue, green and even lavender. When using this technique, remember that dark shades of the color you choose, causes a more attractive result.

Avoid red painting if you suffer from stress

Although it can increase appetite in your kitchen, shades of red are often associated with high blood pressure. If you want a darker color for your bedroom or living room, choose a cooler color than a warm one.

Pamper yourself with a familiar color in the bathroom

Do you like a particular painting color? Think about it for your bathroom. Do you think that one color does not suit you? Avoid using this color. You want to please yourself when you look in the mirror. Having a favorite color in the background really helps.

Green for your home office

Green inspires if used properly and stimulates concentration and, however, the sooner you finish your work, the more free time you will have at your disposal. In addition to a green plant, you can try painting the room a light green. But take a measure and do not turn your office into a forest. If you overdo it you will be distracted. Any decorator will tell you that right now green is one of the most popular colors for home painting.


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