How to keep a long-distance relationship?

Many people hate long-distance relationships and maybe there are wrong. Golden Diamond Escorts is here to give the perfect tips and bits of advice that experts won’t ever tell you about how to keep it spicy while you are miles away from each other. 

Love is a beautiful feeling and we all want to find the one that we’d like to spend every minute of our life together with them. Some find themselves into a long-distance relationship because of conditions they can’t control. But most of us start a relationship that just happens to becomes long-distance in few days or months. 

Furthermore, we all accept that long-distance relationships aren’t perfect, they’re clearly not the end of the world or even the death bell of your relationship. Is truth, with the right attitude, the right intention and advice you can have the perfect long-distance relationship that could last over time. So keep reading and keep the relationship interesting.

 1. Communication is the key

No matter how many hours you spend on the phone it has nothing to do with the quality of your communications. It’s true! You can talk almost all day on the phone because you have nothing better to do, or you want to control your partner, but this is the wrong way to keep your relationship alive. 

You could talk to each other in the morning and before you go to bed in the night. Try to go a few days without communicating you’ll have a more interesting conversation to look forward to. Keep the mystery alive by sending pictures, audio clips and videos.


2. Sexting

Let’s face it sexting or sexual texting is a needed part of being in a long distance relationship. It’s a different level of interaction and is the perfect tool to arouse your partner sexual. 

The moment they least expect it, start sexting them. Tell them all you would like to do on them, or what you want from them! Don’t just send photos of your body, describe it! Imagination is the key to keep the passion in a relationship.

If you don’t know how to start, just keep it simple and send something like “The only thing I want to do right now is to step in the shower with you!” Not being really close physically shouldn’t stop you from fantasizing all kinds of things you’d like to do with them, and perhaps even talk about it with them.

3. Surprise them

Surprises are pleasant in any kind of relationship. But on long-distance ones may be a must! Surprises can be anything. You can send small gifts with no reason or you can do a surprise visit. Long-distance relationships can be very difficult if one or both partners think they are being neglected or ignored. Small or big surprises can make a difference and believe it can show more than just words and photos.


4. Never spend more than three months apart

Try seeing each other as often as possible. I know it could be difficult regarding your work, routines and other commitments. But never spend 3 months away from each other. If your partner stays not too far away, plan a once a month visit and if wherever they are is very far away, once every 3 or 4 months meeting won’t be a bad idea.

Even though your time frame can change, but as long as you agree on it together will be alright. This way you won’t forget why you love that person in the first place and get some sex. 

5. Tell everyone about your relationship.

Keeping the relationship secret is a fast way to ruin any chance of success would have in the future. To make the long-distance relationship more normal, make sure everyone that matters to you like friends, family, and people who want to date you, knows that you’re in it.

6. Trust each other

Trust is the main ground that every relationship is built on and most importantly for distance relationships. You should be able to guarantee for your partner even in your absence. Don’t get suspicious of the presence of friends in their lives. You won’t want to hold them all to you, at least you both have each other and doesn’t mean your other relationships are unnecessary.  


7. Do things together online

As couples, there are enjoyable things you could do together, even with the distance between you. You could involve in training at the same time and watch each other online. You could also have a particular time you call each other up and tell your news, like a ritual.

Date each other! Even if you are miles away you can still date! Rather than simply having your regular phone call or video chat conversation, try having a private date night. Pour yourself a glass of wine and have dinner together. Even if it’s virtual, it can be a lovely experience, increase bonding and makes you feel connected.

8. Learn to forgive

There will always be misunderstandings, but how you handle them matters. Make it a point of duty not to sleep angry at your partner irrespective of what they have done.

Set limits on how to react when irritated, don’t hang up when your partner is still chatting with you. Learn to forgive, forget and move on quickly, don’t hold hatreds. This is the main advice is you want your long-distance relationship to work.


9. Don’t lie and keep secrets

Open up to your partner. Try to find the right place and time and be open to each other no matter good or bad things are in your lives. Talk about your feeling and thing that make you insecure. Don’t be shy, just be honest and polite. 

Secrets and lies can not be hidden forever and they will come to light someday without any worn sign. 

10. Set relationship goals

Don’t act like a wife or a husband. Talk to your partner about your relationship. Before you put labels and titles to your other half ask if you are in an open relationship, if you can date other people. This way you make sure that you and partner are on the same page and you have the same goals for your relationship.



11. Know your partner

Know your partner’s attitude! Be able to know what they are up to, try to read in between their conversations. Are they sexy, bored, stressed or yawning? Then you know it’s a relaxing time for them. That shouldn’t be when to start talking of things that could cause a bad response from them and this is one of the ways you can keep a long-distance relationship.

12. Support Your Partner

Do you want to know how to keep a long-distance relationship- listen when your partner speaks and you will pick up cues to know when they need your help? Support them and encourage them, be the go-to person when they need to pour out their hearts, be available for your partner, and motivate them to succeed.

Let your partner help you and give you the support you need. It’s better to look at the problem during its initial stage than to only disclose it when it’s all too late. This could be a powerful tool against cheating. It helps you know how to keep a long-distance relationship.

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