Trends in bags for summer 2021

When we think of the accessories that complete our look, the first thing that comes to mind is a bag – γυναικείες τσάντες -. This is one of the most favorite pieces of the women’s wardrobe! Even if we have a whole collection of them, there is always room for renewal.  So what are the bags that will dominate summer 2021?

According to the designers of the famous fashion houses, this year bags have a great variety. Some of them are timeless and are never missing from the list of top designs every season. But there are some new additions that will give another air to our look. So get a taste of the bag styles that will be a must for this period.

Tiny bags

For another season, very small bags will be a top fashion trend. Whether it is a wallet type or just a miniature bag that fits the essentials, this design will be a must for the season.

On the catwalks of Chanel we saw many different tiny designs. Some of them looked like jewelry and were worn crosswise or like necklaces. But there were also those that resembled normal bags, just the size of a miniature. On the other hand, Versace created a series of brightly colored designs that in some cases were combined with other bags.

Oversized bags

Unlike miniature bags, some designers have come up with huge designs that fit everything. Ideal for travel, but also for everyday life, without of course being very practical if we fill them, these bags will be released on the streets of the world in the Spring and Summer of 2021.

Valentino presented the largest tote bag in volume. But apart from Valentino, oversized bags were also offered by Dolce & Gabbana, Khaite, Givenchy, Acne Studios and Etro.


Tote bags for shopping and more

We all now use tote bags for our shopping. Keeping up with this, the famous fashion designers proposed a series of large and classic bags that can be worn not only in shopping, but also in everyday life. Some of the companies that presented this plan were Christian Dior, Fendi, Kenzo, Anna Sui and Libertine.

And because the way we hold a bag matters, some designers have even suggested the folding of tote bags. This is a more relaxed grip that we have seen from Balmain, Etro and Gabriela Hearst.

Basket type wicker bags

The mat is a very spring and summer construction material and could not be missing from the list of the top bags for the season. So this year the wicker designs return but take a form reminiscent of a picnic basket.

This impressive and playful design will be worn a lot and will give our outfit the relaxed mood that suits the specific time of year. Tom Ford, Etro, Altuzarra, Ulla Johnson, JW Anderson, Celine and Loewe were some of those who suggested this style.

Neck bags or cross for mobile phones and more

Practical and comfortable, handbags that look like necklaces or are worn diagonally on the chest leave your hands free to do whatever you want. Some designs were purely made to carry the mobile phone, while others looked more like wallets and waist bananas.

Some of the companies that presented such designs were Chanel, Versace, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Coach, Longchamp, Stella McCartney and Fendi.

Knitted or crocheted bags

In addition to wicker bags, in summer 2021, knitted or crocheted bags will also have their place. Multicolored, but also monochrome designs made their presence equally felt, perfectly matching the corresponding fashion trend in clothes for the season. In fact, this particular style of bag was presented in both small and large designs, including by Fendi, Acne Studios and Rebecca Taylor.

Mesh bags in special designs

But one of the designs on the bags that stood out the most for this period, was that of the net. Besides, this knitting is a top trend not only in the clothes of the season, but also in the shoes for Spring and Summer 2021.

Bags decorated with scarves, pearls and feathers

Like every season, the decorated bags are a thing. So this year will be trendy those that have as details ornaments such as scarves, pearls and feathers. And while we saw the wings last season, the rest is a new and interesting addition. Pearls for example give a more elegant and luxurious look to the bags, while the scarves move and color.


Geometric shapes on spring and summer bags

Classic designs such as tote, bucket, clutch and pouch bags may be popular choices, but a distinctive shape can give our look a completely different look. This is exactly what the famous fashion designers suggested again with the trends of the season.

Bags in geometric shapes such as oval, square and everything else you can imagine will be worn a lot in summer of 2021 taking off every outfit. So if you want something that makes your look unique, dare to make a difference with this simple but impressive accessory.

Bags in bright colors will be another trend for Summer 2021

Apart from the shapes and the decorative elements, the colors in the bags every season are equally important. So this season, according to fashion experts, brightly colored bags will be a very big trend. This means that neon shades, pastel colors and generally any tone that strikes the eye will be a top choice.

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